Why Talent International?

  • The most appropriate strategies for attracting talent
  • General employment market information
  • Being unbiased towards all candidates
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Recruiting the best talent and retention
  • Helping the employees identify their potential

  • Promoting transparent, merit based selection
  • Developing cost effective recruitment process
  • Appointing an authority for final decision
  • Being socially, politically, legally and economically friendly

CLient Statements

  • “Delivered excellent results, knows what it means to be a practitioner, was respectful of our culture, and provided coaching to help us when we went to implement the process changes.”
  • “The recruiting toolkit is a huge step forward in our quest to provide extraordinary support to our field leaders.”
  • “Engaging, credible expert who spoke our language, extremely helpful to move this organization forward.”

  • “I would recommend Recruiting Toolbox without reservation to anyone who is looking to take their organization’s recruiting capabilities to the next level.”
  • “Did a phenomenal job of understanding our business challenges and requirements to build a program that had a significant and immediate ROI.”
  • “Brings credibility from having been in the weeds and shares battle tested experiences and learning which are delivered with authenticity and humility.”

Talent International

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