About Talent International

In the circumstances of high range of unemployment in Afghanistan, Talent International Recruitment was established as a licensed company with the ministry of Labor & Social Affairs to become a strong arm to the ministry and provide Human Resource services in the country and abroad. By signing a partnership agreement with the ministry of labor, Talent International is authorized to provide recruitment and human resource services to deferent national and international companies, organizations and legal entities. Consideration of the terms and rules set by the ministry is part of our responsibilities.

Talent International is established to operate not only in Afghanistan but to send local manpower to GCC Markets all across the Middle East. We plan to establish our offices in all GCC countries in near future. By doing this, Talent International would become the leading recruiter in the country.

We believe that heritage, trust and brand cannot be bought; it comes from experience, hard work and knowledge. Our recruitment is set based on the standards recognized in recruitment industry benchmarking and innovating the service levels associated to Search and Selection. We adhere to the values of passion, consistency, accountability, integrity & respect, partnership, professionalism and transparency.

We have a dynamic expert team that beside technical and administrative experience, is familiar with all traditions and circumstances in Afghanistan that make them able to treat different kinds of emergencies and unexpected situations.

Talent International US Mission Statement

It is the mission of Talent International to develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to the company and its employees. Leading to improve employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention, while committed to Talent International’s management and prosperity for its customers and employees.

Talent International US Vision Statement

To provide ethical and professional services to our clients and provide our employees with the tools they need to be successful and grow. We adhere to the values of our ethics, passion, consistency, accountability, integrity, respect, partnership, professionalism and transparency.